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Regretably, Gruve is ceasing operations effective


 Friday, July 8, 2016  

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Welcome to Gruve!

Thank you for taking us on your journey to better health! All of us at Gruve Technologies, Inc. are happy to be your partner as you move towards achieving your health goals.  Gruve Technologies is proud to provide the only activity monitoring products in the marketplace today that incorporate the landmark medical discovery of NEAT (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis).

NEAT is all the calories one burns while doing normal (non-exercise) daily activity. Scientific research over 10 years found that increasing the NEAT in daily life can result in sustainable weight loss and a dramatic improvement in overall health.  In other words, increasing daily, normal NEAT activity, is more effective for successful and sustainable weight loss than short periods of intense exercise!

Since extensive medical research shows that only consistent low intensity activities have a direct relationship to long term weight loss and maintenance, we believe that NEAT is the only effective and trustworthy standard for activity monitors seeking to assist people in weight loss and maintenance.   Gruve Technologies continues to educate and promote daily NEAT activity (instead of short periods of intense exercise) for a proven sustainable path to successful weight management and better health.  You can learn more about this important medical finding on our NEAT Info page.


The Gruve activity monitor is the only NEAT Certified monitor on the market!


The Gruve Solution

The Gruve SolutionTM is a proven approach to long term weight loss and management that combines an extremely accurate NEAT monitor, an easy to use interactive website, online coaching, a 12 week Jumpstart Guide and other valuable health information resources.

Gruve® - The ultra slim and stylish Gruve device uses an omnidirectional accelerometer and proprietary software to accurately measure and record user activity intensity and duration. The medical quality device  can record 98% of daily activity (the highest in the industry), as scientifically verified by the doubly labeled water method of measuring energy expenditure (considered by scientists all over the world as the "gold standard" in accuracy for measuring energy expenditure).  It is sensitive enough to differentiate between lying down, sitting, standing, climbing stairs, walking, running or other movement, unlike a pedometer that can only estimate the distance walked.  The Gruve device provides three forms of real-time feedback to keep users on track and modify behavior over time to increase daily NEAT activities to achieve better health, weight loss and maintenance – color progression bar, vibration and website visuals.



Gruve OnlineTM - The Gruve Online website (www.gruve.com) software is calibrated at the initial setup with a person’s health information and it determines the amount of daily NEAT activity needed to manage caloric intake to achieve the desired weight management goal – the Gruve Online Personalized NEAT plan.  Synchronizing the Gruve device with Gruve Online gives users the ability to privately view their daily calorie burn and track their weight loss progress.


The Gruve Difference

The Gruve is the only activity monitor in the market place that

  • utilizes the proven NEAT medical standard for weight loss developed from 10 years of research;

  • promotes daily NEAT activity for sustainable weight loss and control instead of short periods of intense exercise;

  • is appropriate for all individuals regardless of gender, age, fitness level or physical limitation:

  • is accurate enough to  measure 98% of NEAT activity;

  • has been tested and certified to accurately measure NEAT activity by the Mayo clinic, using  the doubly labeled water method of measuring energy expenditure (the "gold standard" in accuracy for measuring energy expenditure); and

  • has the high quality, accuracy and reliability to be used in biomedical research studies by world class institutions.

  • is NEAT Certified!



GRUVE - Information Sheet (PDF)


Customer Testimonials

The Gruve Solution offers an innovative health and weight management solution that has been shown to produce results for Gruve users.  Some of Gruve Technologies' most valuable feedback comes directly from users as they incorporate the solution into their daily routine. The positive press and ongoing consumer feedback support the belief that there is a growing trust for this simple yet effective activity-based weight control solution.  Below is a sampling of unsolicited customer feedback from users of the Gruve Solution that presents real life examples of success.  These comments provide confirmation that the solution works on a wide range of people with varying health and weight management goals.

"I lost 28 pounds with the GRUVE in one year.”

"I highly recommend this product to anyone, regardless of your weight, diet or activity plan. It can help you lose weight or just maintain a healthy lifestyle. It's part of my everyday life now and is fun and easy to use. BTW - I have lost over 20 lbs making very simple day to day changes based on the Gruve plan."

 “I got a GRUVE at my annual physical at Mayo. Now I am buying them for my employees. Couldn’t live without it.”

"I love the simple interface and ease of use.”

"It's been several months now and I'm down 12 pounds and muvin a whole bunch more!"

"My wife thinks I am obsessed but she likes that I have lost weight and feel better.”

"I have used the Gruve for several months and I have to say that the company has made the best product I have ever had to keep me motivated to increase my activity. It is easy to use, easily hidden and very accurate. Even the least competitive person will be motivated."

“I had a heart attack and was prescribed to use the GRUVE, I have lost weight and am afraid I will have more problems without my GRUVE.”

"I've lost 8% of my body weight (and dropped 1 pant size) since starting to use the Gruve, and that's with no sweaty exercise and only moderate dietary changes...."

"16 pounds lighter, I can tell you that I love The Gruve! I never knew that my drive to see the little green light would be so motivating. The blue light gets me as excited as I know I am almost there for the day! ... I'm down 16 pounds, and I've got the next 14 in sight ... and does it feel great!"

"I love this little device. It is the most sensible way to keep track of daily activity and there is no way if you utilize this product correctly that the weight will not come off."

"The Gruve is an incredible motivator for getting me up and moving!"

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